Yebab's products and services are provided by IMAGES Digital Technologies. Please go through the below terms and conditions that manages and governs your use of any of Yebab's products and services. By using or accessing Yebab products and services you agree to be bound by these terms and Privacy Policy.

Using Yebab

    a. You can use Yebab in compliance with our terms and conditions that are applicable with UAE laws. By Creating a Yebab account, you agree that you are providing accurate and complete information. If you create a Store account, you agree that the information provided is accurate, complete and that you have prior permission and necessary authorization on behalf of entity and business you are adding. These terms can be updated everywhile and shall be applied in all cases.

    b. Yebab products and services might be a website or a software used on phones or tablets that might require automatic upgrading.

2. Content

    a. You retain all rights and are solely responsible for any content added by you, whether its a picture, a comment or any other sort of content.

    b. You grant Yebab and its users a royalty-free, transferable, non-exclusive, worldwide license to use, store, display, repreduce, stick, modify, remove, create derivative works, perform and distribute your content on Yebab for the purposes of developing, operating, providing and using Yebab products and services. These terms shall not restrict other legal rights Yebab may have to the content.

3. Copy Right Policy

    a. Copy Right is a serious issue in Yebab. Users should respect Copy Rights and refer to the original owner/creator whenever possible. For Business/Stores accounts and any other commercial content, the user confirms that he/she is the sole owner of content and that the products are their own and not taken from somewhere else. Unless specifically mentioning that the content is only for inspirational purposes and refering back to the owner/creator of the content.

4. Third Party Sites

    a. Yebab products and services may have links to third party websites, advertisers, offers, or any other activities that are not owned or controlled by Yebab. We do not take any responsibility for any of them, and accessing them is at your own risk and you agree that Yebab will have no liability arising from your access or user of them.

Incase of any disputes, the law applicable would be based on the UAE Governing Law. The Terms and Condition can be updated frequently without prior notice.